“Jodi Furman has keen sense of what women today want from their shopping experiences – style, substance and savings. Her tips aren’t for cheapskates, but for the consumer who understands that saving money on certain things may mean they can splurge somewhere else. There is nothing preachy in her delivery; she’s not the consumer guru that bans all frivolous purchases. Instead, she uses an accessible approach to shopping that any consumer – regardless of lifestyle or income level – could incorporate into her life. It’s a fresh way to look at consumerism in the post-recession world.”
- Rachel Beck, former National Business Columnist and Features Writer for The Associated Press

My name is Jodi, I’m a married mom of 3 fantastic kids: ages 16, 14, and 11. I'm not a 'coupon blogger' and I'm not 'frugal'; Ivy league educated and real world tested, this isn't about penny pinching. Living fabuLESS™ is all about saving time, money AND sanity while keeping high quality, luxury, fashion and fun in the equation.
FabuLESSness is NOT the same as frugality. Frugal is frumpy, wears bad shoes and eats cheap cuts of meat.  FabuLESSnesss can be fashionably dressed, eat organic foods, carry designer handbags, wear killer shoes, travel in style, drive luxury vehicles (okay, occasionally minivans), eat out for dinner, and go “green.”  If you’re fabuLESS, you can do this all while actually spending LESS than the person who shops exclusively at Walmart or thrift stores. You’ll never look or feel frugal, because you’re NOT cheap. You’re just smarter than the average bear.
The FabuLESS™ strategy on how to spend less dispels many of the commonly held beliefs of frugality. Being fabuLESS does NOT mean trading name brand for generic, lugging around a 20-pound coupon binder, scouring thrift stores, or driving to 18 stores to save 18 cents.  Minimize your effort while maximizing your results. You will learn some stunningly simple ways to save money, without having it take over your entire life. With a slight twist to the way that you currently shop and think, you will start easily slashing your grocery bills by 50%, save 80% or more on your household goods and toiletries, and 75% or more on your clothing bills—all without having to give up your favorite brands—or even upgrade to better name brands, and all while shopping at “expensive” stores.
You can go out for dinner for pennies on the dollar, travel fabuLESSly well, save on your utilities, use a store’s policies to your advantage without taking advantage of the store, use coupons without clipping, learn what “google cooking” is and how it will rock your world, throw parties big on the fun and small on the cost, learn how going green saves you green and even where to get spa services for free.  Sound impossible? It happens to be easily achievable—it will even be fun! Ready to start? Let’s go!

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